Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st

Happy President's Day!!!

It has been several weeks since I posted last, and I apologize. Adjustment has been slow and sure and hard. But I can see how God has been with me each day.

I got my first paycheck from my job on Tuesday.

Let me say, was I ever PUMPED!!!! =)
It only happens once in your life, so I am in celebration, and wanted to share with you all!

A few things to also share about how God has sent little blessings. A week ago or so, when I was running out of money waiting for that paycheck, I really wanted some hand sanitizer and some hand lotion. Even though it seems like a small sum, just a few dollas, when just a few dollars is all you have in your purse - it becomes huge. So I just pushed it aside.

Then, God sent me a care box! The first in over a year. Not only was I touched to see the care and thought, but also to see the *chocolate* =) and especially the hot chocolate mixes! But then I got to the bottom... and there was hand santizier, and hand lotion. Wow. I was so stunned. It was so little... but it was huge to me...

Don't overlook the little blessings God sends you in life!

I hope to update more this week, but my break at work is quickly over and so I will draw this to a close. I think of my reader often! I hope it has been a good month for everyone.

My closing verse is John 3:16. Which everyone knows... but it's still so true... God SO LOVED me... he sent his son... and did even more, like sending a care box! =)


  1. I do so thank God for you and for having folks who love you enough to send care packages when they can. I can't imagine anyone not loving you. :-). great post. Grma

  2. Wow! It was just шт time! Yeah, we rarely think about little things in our lives.
    And, not onle God loves you! Me too=) My love can't be that big as God's, but I love you very much!

  3. I was so excited when I heard you had upddated your blog! I enjoyed hearing about the care box. WHAT A BLESSING. It's the love of God tender and loving that He would put you on the heart of others who are far away and that they would act on that bidding of the Holy Spirit, go out and collect things that they hope will be a blessing to you and then pay for it all and the postage too! Now that is LOVE IN ACTION!
    I loved how you applied John 3:16 to the receiving of this blessed package. I never thought about applying this verse to such a situation but you are absolutely right, it does apply and now I see that in a new light. Thank you.

  4. Hey Noelle,
    I love the blog! I also agree, it was love in action! Thank you for sharing with us the wonderful works of God in your life. You are shining your light brightly here for Christ. Thank you!!! Mat. 5:16 Mom