Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

I'm afraid that people may have forgotten about my blog. =( I suppose it's my fault for not posting more regularly! I just hope they haven't forgotten about me. Spring is here. My least-favorite season of the year. Sigh. I still feel like the new girl around. So it is difficult to realize that the semester is quickly fading to a close, and I will be filling out papers as a "return student." And I'll no longer be brand-new, I'll be one of the affiliates of Heartland, Panera Bread, Oklahoma City. Wow. It seems incredible. I find myself missing what I had. I don't like change very much at all. But God has been very good to me in this new place. He has given me the most amazing job, a safe and comfortable place to live, food and health, and good grades in my classes. He has also put me in a church with incredible sermons and music that has really helped my spiritual growth! What have I been up to? Not much, I apologize with a small laugh. Everyday I am up before dawn to get ready for my classes, do my chores, and prepare for work. Classes from 7am until 2... and I have 10 minutes to be in my car driving to work, in full uniform. I work 40 hours a week, so I'm there until 10:30 every night, except for WEdnesday nights of course, because I go to church. =) When I do have a few free minutes - and I mean as many as 10 minutes - I find myself curling up anywhere, to just take a baby nap. I am so tired these days, as my body and mind try to keep up with the crazy pace. How has everyone been? I have a few papers due this week, and several big projects. On Friday morning, I am teaching a science class. I'm very apprehensive about this. It's worth a large part of my grade for the semester, and I'm also not very comfortable with my subject and the students, so it will be diffiult. I would please ask some prayer that I can get properly prepared and that God would bless! Well, break is up at work and I"m going back inside to work till close tonight. It's sunny outside, about 80 degrees, and I've been writing this sitting in the sunshine, sipping ice sweet tea and eating an asiago bagel, toasted, glazed over with honey and a dash of nutmeg. =) Mmmm. Working at Panera sure has its perks =) I'm also training a new girl today! Times have definitely changed since I was the newbie wandering around cluelessly. I sure do love my job. I hope everyone has a good day. Please keep in contact! I think of you all fondly.


  1. so good to read another update from you! praying for you all the time. you'll do great on Friday! we'll pray for the specifically in our girls Bible study. love you, chica! ---irina

  2. Of course we haven't forgotten about you!! Glad that you are back writing! So sorry we weren't able to see you when you were out here for spring break...We will be praying for your class!

    Love ya

  3. GREAT blog. praying for you. (try not to overdo). was GREAT seeing you that one short hour. missing you, and these blogs help a lot so please do keep trying to find time for them, but don't overdo...stay healthy. love you. Grma

  4. Just got off my knees in prayer for you. I asked God to make that experience a joyful one for you and for the students. I hope you walk away with a wonderful memory when the teaching is done :). Since your body is still in recovery from last year, s l o w down as much as you can and don't let that schedule become a run away train. Guard your health and order your steps to be what is best for your health, then your education, and then your financial needs. You are such a great worker. Proud of you.

    Me :)

  5. Ciao bella Noelle! It is good to read about how you are doing. I am sitting in Naples Italy and it is currently raining outside, thus my purpose to be on the computer:)
    Your school year sounds a lot like mine use too. Working full time and going to school full time can wear a body out. I will be praying for you to have strength. The reward is though...very minimal or no school loans when you graduate!! That is an awesome feeling and very wirth while all the long hours you put in.
    I will also lift you up concnering the class you teach. Have faith!!! God desires us to grow outside of our comfy zone. This happened to me this past school year as I taught Chemistry to some homeschool students. Boy was I out of my comfort zone. But God blessed all the time I put into studying and preparing and although I was very imperfect, the Lord and my students were very gracious to me!!!
    -Amanda Hand

  6. hey it is so nice to find someone who also works 40 hours a week with a busy class schedule. im doing the same thing!!!
    love you and miss you much
    melissa howe

  7. Thanks everyone for thier wonderful comments! I'm glad to see you all =) I missed blogging! Thank you especially for your prayers. God can do anything!