Sunday, July 14, 2013


There are firsts for everything. First steps, first flights, first pets, first failures. But I'm a creature of habit and it's been a while since I've had too many first-time experiences. While I'm ridiculously brave when I have someone there to watch my back, I'd rather stick to the good old familiar when I'm all on my own. I'm always alone nowadays, so a stalker would get pretty bored tracking my lifestyle. Same route to work, same lap around the lake, same breakfast stop on the way to church every single Sunday. Oh, I carry a mace and check over my shoulder enough to be safe, but, it's definitely been a quiet. Sometimes, quiet is okay.

But this last weekend I've had a couple of firsts - I quit a job - just like that. Never even thought about quitting a job before, it's not in my nature, but hey... now I've got that under my belt. Not sure what to feel about it, except sure that it was God's leading. And another first? Standing outside church watching a rainbow spread across the retreating storm clouds, bathed in a combination of raindrops and sunshine. It was unspeakably magical, the sun streaming down on me and an old friend sharing a moment of fellowship, as the raindrops began to fall. Sparkling drops, warm and brilliant, like laughing wet diamonds. It wasn't that great to get wet, but it was great to twirl around and see sunlight everywhere, and no sign of a cloud except for the retreating storm in the distance. A big rainbow, stretching from horizon to horizon, gleamed above the setting sun rays. I wish my camera had been handy, but sometimes it's not about what it looks like as much as what it feels like. And among all the dark days, it was a good first. I wish I could go back and relive that blissful moment for just a little bit longer. It felt pretty special.

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  1. sorry to hear that. were they making you work on Sundays? praying for you. Grma