Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Days!

Hey everyone!

It's summer!! =) It's about 90 degrees outside, the beautiful sun blistering down on Oklahoma City with shimmering, relentless waves of heat. Lovely! I'm a big fan of the heat, and even the humidity - the kind that hangs heavy in the air, like a sinking cloud, and if you stick out your tongue and close your eyes, you might taste it. =)

The semester has only 3 days left. The end is coming so fast, like a train hurtling along the tracks of the countryside. I can hardly catch my breath! Today is the last day of work at Panera Bread. This is sad, sad, sad, sad... I am going to miss my work here so incredibly much! It has been the most exciting part of this new life. Thankfully, of course, I'll be returning someday... but it is still hard to walk away. =(

Friday, May 6th, was the Graduation Spring Banquet at college. It was also my sister's birthday! The occassion was really full-tilt, and a bit overwhelming. I planned to go all semester, but then the plans had changed and I crossed it off my planner. But then when I realized it was my sister's birthday, I ended up going to spend some time with her. It was really an experience, and there were some definitely highlights! The banquet was hosted in a ballroom downtown, decked out with satin-draped chairs, crystal wine glasses, and plasma screen TV's. Graduates were recognized, the White Hot Chocolate quartet sang a special (my favorite singing group here! they're awesome!), and a speaker gave a lengthy charge. The formal atmosphere was lightened when the guys at my table realized I was making my glass sing by absently running my finger along its rim. They went all out and soon got the tables next to us to try it out, too! =) I was amused.

The menu was delicious! My apologies to Terry and Ladeana in the caffeteria, but it was nice to have an upscale meal =) A southwestern salad and sun tea preceded the entree of baked chicken stuffed with tomatoes, spinach, and mozarella cheese; double-baked potatoes and mixed sauted vegetables were the sides; chocolate pyramids drizzled in sauce with fresh berries and hot coffee were served for dessert. Scrumptous!! =)

After the banquet, it was picture-taking time! Unfortunately, I haven't found my cord to download the pictures from my camera onto the computer. But I plan on posting them soon! I actually have several events whose pictures I am going to post =)

Loading up into the car, we drove further downtown to the old historic Bricktown, which is quite incredible. It's impossible to adequately describe this sector; you have to see it yourself! Originally there were huge brick factories clustered in this area of town, way-back-when, as Oklahoma City was just founded. Eventually these wharehouses and factories closed down. Rather than falling to decay and rotting away or becoming haunting skeletons like I've seen especially across the Soviet Union, these mammoth buildings were preserved and turned into a tourist trap and local attraction. A manmade canal was carved along the old streets, floating boat rides to access the different buildings! The canal was lined with waterfalls, gardens, fountains, gardens and quaint bridges. The wharehouses themselves became home for cafes, restaurants and bars, theatres, suvenoir shops, and music academies. Amazing!! Starbucks is one of the businesses off the water =) It is amazing to walk along the canal or ride a boat under the bridges lit up with Christmas lights, enjoying the scent of the fresh spring flowers and the music from the many cafes. So unique!! So magical and fun =)) Along the streets, horses pull carriages and bands perform on the street corners. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people get out to enjoy the lights and food and atmosphere as they stroll through this modernized peice of local history.

I was impressed! =)

So much to write, because so much is going on!

This week is Graduation Preaching Conference. Which means no more finals... no more classes... and no more work. Just preaching and singing and getting spiritually rejuvenated for the summer!! I am really looking forward to this time. I am excited for what God has to teach me. This has really been a revolutionizing semester for me, and although the future isn't necessarily stellar, I am looking forward to it with more confidence. =)

And... packing!! GAH! I have so much packing to do! Probably because I'm an organizing freak, so it's frustrating to decide exaclty how to pack everything. And, it's complicated because I don't have a house to go drop off the books and projects I've completed. All the finished work of the years has to stay with me, and the pile is getting bigger and bigger... a miniature volcanoe. =) I also have to keep clothes for all four seasons, and et cetera. Let's just say it's a real challenge to deal with! Haha. Please pray for perserverance and grace!

So, I'm about to clock into work for the last time... it's sad...

But it means only a few days and I'll be back in PEKIN, ILLINOIS!!!!! -happiness- =)


  1. Noelle! I love reading your blogs. :) You are an amazing writer it's awsome to see how God has gifted you with this style of writing. You are very expressive and don't leave really anything behind while your expressing what is going on in your life. Its like fishing. Except instead of bieng the fisher I am the fish caught by the hook. It is awsome to see God working in your life. I can't wait for you to write another one.

    --Justin L

  2. sounds like a place I would really enjoy...even without your wonderful way of describing things.
    might comment more to run love you. Grma

  3. So much fun to read about the banquet and the fun time afterward! Makes me want to visit Oklahoma City and check it out for myself as well.
    If all employees felt the way you do about your job, this world would be in MUCH better shape! Your attitude towards your work makes me think of Pro 22:29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.
    I hope your time in Pekin, Illinois is joyful and precious. Eccl. 3:1-14 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven... (11) He hath made every thing beautiful in his time.


  4. Thanks everyone for their lovely comments! It really means a lot. I laugh, because when I look at my writing, I mean - it's just my thoughts, right there on a screen, right? So it doesn't seem very spectacular to me. But I'm glad so many people seem to think I'm a good writer =) I really love writing about things, and I look forward to my next post soon!

  5. can't believe how fast it has gone by!!!