Friday, October 25, 2013

A Glimpse of Autumn Glory

Most of Oklahoma City is still green and defiant of the upcoming cold, but this particular road is lined with trees who have taken a bold approach to the holiday air. I was stunned by their brilliant scarlet beauty beginning to appear. What perfection! If only the trees could speak, what would these say of the chilly nights and frosty mornings?

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  1. Grab some wax paper (sold byrolls, by the foil and seran plastic wrap), place a piece on counter or ironing board. Place some of these beautiful leaves on the wax paper. Cover with another sheet of wax paper on top. Put a old t-shirt over that and iron till the heat transfers the wax onto the leaves down below. Only takes a few swipes of the iron. Once the t-shirt (on top to not burn the paper) is hot you know the wax has melted onto the leaves. Remove the leaves and let cool. Then take a needle and some thread (a visit to Gabby maybe :-) and show them on the thread into a fall strand of garland and decorate your apartment, the windows, or lay flat on your car's back window or dash board! Mom