Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dynamic Duo

Here's a shout out to another fantastic blog, Working in Faith! This blog covers the quiet labors of Steven and Nina O'Brien in Kharkov, Ukraine, in Faith Baptist Church under the ministries of my parents, John & Cathy O'Brien. They help with everything from interior renovations on the new building to exterior landscaping projects, run the youth group, head up activities, and actively evangelize that dark city for Christ. They have been working since their wedding last year and I've never heard them complain once! What a blessing and inspiration for so many young couple who are complete, 100% focused on themselves and their new lives together. I am so proud of my brother and sister-in-law and miss them very much! They were a big spiritual encouragement to me while I was home this summer. Check out their blog here. Their biggest need right now is PRAYER and SUPPORT. They need funds to eat, prepare for winter, and continue to serve overseas without a normal income. Please follow the blog and give! This is definitely a ministry to get behind!


  1. What a beautiful writer you are Noelle. You can be my editor anytime!

  2. I concur with all you say here. Grma

  3. Finding a young couple who are willing to serve the Lord without GAIN for self is almost non-existent. No one may notice their labor of love but the LORD does and HE is the one who counts. May God supply for every need and raise up faithful, faithful, faithful supporters who want to share in the blessings which the Lord will reward this labor of love with in the end. I am supporting them!