Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

I promised my dear friend Karina that I would post about my New Years experience in the United States, and so here it is! =) In Ukraine, New Years is the biggest holiday of the calendar, the grand finale of the year, so to speak. It is celebrated with fireworks and dozens of courses of food, all day and all night preaching, games and fellowship at the church, pictures and sleigh rides downtown around the enormous New Years tree.
This year, I was in Oklahoma City with my sister for the holiday. I did not see any fireworks, and there was no special service at the church. I was sorely disappointed. I spent the day at work, and was so tired I crawled into bed when I got home and almost slept in the new year - but not quite. I set an alarm to make sure I was awake for the countdown. =)
The days leading up to new years, and the days following, were the real celebration. I was once again with my sister and best friend! Along with her boyfriend Jonathan and my Heartland friends, I was able to have many wonderful memories made of the holidays in the USA. We went to see the Christmas lights in Yukon's public park, as well as in the private district of Nichols Hills. We went walking around Lake Hefner, played boardgames at IHOP, ran around the mall and watched movies sipping hot chocolate. We even hung up stockings and opened them. =)
I am grateful to God that I could spend this holiday season both with my family in Ukraine, and with my sister in the United States. I am excited for this new year!!!!
I hope that everyone's holidays have been filled with such good memories. =)

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