Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

I anticipated this semester being very busy. I did not anticipate it being THIS busy!!! A sincere apology to my readers for the month-long delay on an update.
God has been good! I have been pretty sick and struggling to adapt back into the routine of full-time student, full-time Panera associate, full-time sister/chaperone, part-time ministry helper.... But God gives grace. =)
I find myself missing home a very great deal. The months I spent overseas last year, while unexpected, were truly a blessing from God and I look back in realization of how blessed I truly am. During these cold, tiring days I miss hot milk with honey and nutmeg at 2am, shopping with my mom, movies with my little brother, my dad's preaching... and of course, my puppy Zubi and my turtles and my couch Chester! Agh!
But even here in nowhere, Oklahoma, God continues to give me blessings. I have really wonderful roommates, a beautiful dorm, and enough food. The sermons and chapel messages and devotions and classroom lectures have been wonderful. God has really been working in my heart about many things, and I am so thankful! I would like to post about some of them, as time permits, Lord willing.
A belated Happy Valentines Day! =)
This week I am taking my first midterm. Wow... talk about time flying!! At this minute, actually, I am out the door to witness on the streets downtown in the rain. Amen.
More posts to come! =)

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