Thursday, April 25, 2013


So much to do, so little time! So much to write, and so few words that come to mind.
There are a mere twenty-three days left before my graduation. To my lowerclassmen colleagues, that is a very long time remaining. But to me, the pressure of the inevitable's approach is overwhelming. It seems like my mind could just snap at any moment! Tomorrow is the last student teaching seminar with the Heartland education department. I have three days left to student teach (Monday through Wednesday) and then we have Yearbook Chapel, which leads into finals week. Then the graduation. So fast, like that. Simultaneously, I have to pack up five years accumulation and say goodbye to this lifestyle. No more dormitories, class notes, textbooks? I can barely imagine it.

At the same time, I am transitioning into management at Panera Bread and beginning my formal hands-on training. Yesterday I landed my interview with the Director of Operations, Christine, and am awaiting the arrival of my background check clearance and training plan. While I prepare to say goodbye to my high school students, I also face goodbyes with my Heartland classmen and professors. And the long-term future remains yet uncertain, forcing me off this cliff onto one small precipice of a step. If my life were a movie, this moment would be the part where it flashes from scene to scene to scene driving the viewers crazy. Not even transitions from day to day, but multiple scenes from within each day, each hour! Oh, headache.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday, next week my sister's. My final bill is still looming out there, and relatives and guests are coming into town from all direction! Last luncheons with former roommates, last shifts at work with my Heartland/Panera girls before they all leave, too. From home to work to school to church, everything is in the middle of dynamic volcanic change! Through it all, I have the unmoving presence of God in my life and His peace in my heart and mind. It is invaluable. I don't think I've ever needed his immediate presence with my every step as much as I do now. What an amazing thing that he is there to provide it!

Continuing the randomness, my sweet friend and little sister in Zhitomyr started up her own blog! Check it out! She is a lovely young lady with wonderful diction and creativity. I am so proud of her!

I don't really know how to feel about everything that is happening around me and to me, except to feel nothing but God's eternal grace. I would really appreciate prayers because I don't want Satan to get any kind of victory during these last few days I have in this story's chapter, and he has many many opportunities to me.
As always I thank you for following my blog and hope to see feedback =)

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  1. Praying for you my dear sestrichka :) You are genius and you can handle all this! Especially when we have our amazing Father. Thanks for advertising my blog ;) hehe