Thursday, April 11, 2013


If you don't follow my Facebook page, then you don't know about the beautiful, strange ice storm that enveloped Oklahoma City yesterday in a sheath of sparkling, damaging casket of frozen precipitation. It was amazing. The last ice storm I saw was also here at Heartland, in 2011, my first semester here. Both times have really amazed me at the delicate and crazy phenomena in God's creation. Unfortunately, the ice destroyed many of the lovely old trees that line the front of campus, tearing down branches with the weight of the ice and even snapping the massive trunks in half. The wreckage left by the ice has plundered the city north to south, leaving a trail of twisted limbs, cracked windshields, and millions of stillborn baby leaves and buds. Wow.
I've been struggling inside for so long. Last Sunday made 100 days. That's 2,400 hours and 144,000 minutes and 8,640,000 seconds! That's a lot of time on the mind..... But I just wanted to share that on Sunday God really drew near to me and my long-time searching and praying for His guidance was answered with a real revival in my heart. I'm working on a concise post all about it.... which is proving difficult for my verbose brain. But I just wanted to say that He gave me this definite awakening in my vision of my own life and really did some cleaning out of my woefully-deceptive heart. The best part is that having a renewed focus on where He wants me to be working in my spiritual life has been so invigorating and rejuvenating. Really, there is nothing better than having clear sight that is on par with God's.
Part of this revival has led me to dig out my old prayer journal, that has turned into a spiritual journey memento. The hardback Tiffany blue journal with a picture of Paris and an inscripted note from my dear friend Karina Kruchinina is absolutely stuffed with all sorts of treasures from God's growth in my life over the past few years. I don't remember when I got too busy to keep recording, but I'm so glad to be able to look back and see a kaleidoscope of memories - sermon notes, newspaper clippings, song lyrics, comic excerpts, quotes, notes of encouragements from friends, and daily prayer requests and answers. I'm carrying this old journal around and beginning to fill it anew. I was so enthralled with how directly my heart is hearing from God lately - in every devotion, every sermon, every song - that I got a warning from writing too much during combined devotionals. I think I problem was I kept writing right through the closing prayer, but, God has given me a thought and I didn't want to lose it!
So that's a really transparent look as to what my life is undergoing right now. I would be honored if my readers would pray for me especially because I fear Satan's renewed attacks as I try to grow closer to God in these new areas.
Thank you for the encouraging comments and messages. It helps to keep me writing =)
Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I loved keeping a journal when I was in Bible college. Because of the constant exposure to God's word, I was always inspired to write things down. It is a great habit to have and it is fun looking back. I have kept all my journals. It is wonderful to read how God has worked and is working. God Bless you and keep you. HUGS.