Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

My brother Steven will be home in 29 days!!!!
I am soooooo excited. The worst part about college-age O'Briens is the inevitable months-long absences away to study. =/ Oh, well. Soon the semester will be over! And Steven will be back home in Kharkov, just in time for Christmas. =)
Accordingly, I am waist-deep in preparations! =D Ice skating is a family pasttime, and Steven has always been the smooth and skilled skater on the rink! Really, there's no comparing with him when I put on my skates and stomp out onto the ice. I can glide away to the left... to the right... a little fancy footwork on the corners, maybe... and Steve has managed to whizz in intricate patterns around the loop 7 times already, chasing speedy Gonzalos, Kendon. Haha. Even Katrina is a faster, more confidant skater than me, laughing while I trail woefully behind the crowd.
Well. Inspiration struck! What a lovely surprise, to invite Steven to skate upon his return and dazzle him with skills!!!??? A lil' healthy competition. =D =D
So, my parents gamely supporting my ambition, I signed up for figure skating lessons with a 40-year professional skate trainer... and I've been on the ice nonstop the past 2 weeks!
Technique! Technique! Posture! Choreography!
Figure skating is really quite complicated... and a bit painful, after lesson number #1 - learning to "fall" correctly!! No kidding, I was pushed and bumped and shoved off my feet (well, skates) a dozen times and crawled back up bruised and shamefaced until I had mastered the reflex to fall safely, in particular positioning.... "falling with style." Haha. Buzz Lightyear would be proud! =D
Since then, it's been "Christmas trees," "waves," learning to skate backwards, and now - "crossovers"!!! Correctly executed, the legs intertwine and weight is shifted from one to the other in a graceful spiral, arms outstretched and torso twisted sideways. Trying it backwards??
Terrifying!! Although I understood what my feet and legs were SUPPOSED to be doing, I found myself struggling like I'd been suddenly struck with ataxia - movements jerky, uncoordinated, and saturated with thought. Haha. I bet I looked ridiculous. I felt like the Tin Man on ice.
Found out I'm left foot dominant today, even though I'm right-handed! That was interesting. =)
So, on goes the theatrical attempt to surprise Steven upon his return! =) Only 29 days left, and though my trainer Svetlana assures me I will be ready in time, I remain dubious. WE SHALL SEE!
If not, at least I've learned a LOT, including how to get up after a dozen falls and how to laugh at myself!
Merry Christmas <3

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