Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28th, 2011

Today was a very depressing day at the ice rink... =((
A drizzling ending for the festive week of Thanksgiving, which was very wonderful! My brother's girlfriend, Nina Andreevetz, came up from Odessa to celebrate the holiday with our family. We had SO much fun =) I'm not known for my excessive social skills... but nevertheless it somehow turned out to be such a lovely time. We spent hours with my mom cooking and baking in the kitchen, and after the turkey and pies had been eaten, went out ice skating with my brother Dima.
Holiday over, I went back to my lessons today.... and was sorely disappointed in my feet. What happened to them?!?! I picked up my skates one by one and examined them in confusion. It was like they had forgotten to obey commands. GLIDE, you silly little boot. GLIDE!!! TWIRL!!!! MOOOOOoooove in one smooth, graceful direction..... please....
Nope. =(
Wobbed, bobbled, ground and dug into the ice in miserable little circles. =( I tripped on my own blades almost six times, and would have gone flying if not for my trainer's quick hands. Horrifying! And embarrassing!! Who does that?? Even novice skaters don't run thier skates right into each other. *annoyed* My arms aches from being held out into the air for so long, and my spine refused to stay poised and tense. Maybe the pumpkin pie went to my muscles because they were all mushy....
To make it worse, the recreational skaters on the ice were being WILD. One girl came whizzing around the bend and slammed, fullspeed, right smack into me (trying to complete a left-footed backwards crossover). I, in turn, slammed into my trainer, and the three of us were screeching in surprise and pain. Someone yanked my hair, and I felt an elbow in my side. When we got free of the tangle, my trainer lit into the twenty-something Barbie, who whined she didn't know how to stop.
"Then why are you going so FAST if you can't even STOP to avoid hitting someone?!?!" Svetlana, my trainer, exploded, exasperated. Commendably, however, she took a few seconds away from *my paid lesson* to teach the girl a few tips on how to control her speed. I took the minute to get my breath back and fume. Haha.
The rest of the lesson was haunted by similiar near-misses. Two teenagers were playing chase and kept cutting into our practice space, which I wouldn't have minded if they were careful about it. But they came throttling through, feet flashing widly and arms swinging like off-track windmills. Of course, they came through when I was trying to go backwards, which is panicky enough, because I'm using peripheral vision and concentrating on getting my feet to not trip on each other... Once they came so close I felt the cold air caressing the back of my neck and the lingering sting. ={ Grr. So scary!!
Well.... that's about all of my sad story. To console myself, I went Christmas shopping!!! =D =D
Just looking today, bopping in and out of stores at the mall, checking out design and prices and seeing what's in. YEAH!!! =)) I can't wait till the holiday!! And I love buying gifts. =D =D I already have two down.... 7 more to go, now that we have "almost-extended-family" to add to the list.
I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend and a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Only 28 days left!!!!!!!!!!

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