Sunday, November 13, 2011

Novemeber 13, 2011

Airlines, booking fees, inteneraries, layovers, seating options. The most straightforward step in going from life here to studies at Heartland Baptist Bible College, is probably the plane ticket. It is probably also the most interesting. =) Where in western Europe should I drop in for my flight change? I travel with enough luggage to sink Titanic, but how much is that going to cost? Most importantly, perhaps, is if the airport terminal has wifi, so I can keep tabs on my FB world! =P
Last New Years, I flew through Madrid, Spain, with my adventurous sister Kat, on our way to Heartland for the first time. Coming back, Helsinki, Finland, was the Norwegian stopover. Travel and sightseeing is a package-deal luxury that I love about being an MK.... There is still so much of the world I would love to see!! This time, I will be flying by myself (cool) from Ukraine to the USA.
Days of looking, looking, looking... and my ticket is booked! I still have to arrange travel to the capitol city, Kiev, but from there - it's Paris, France and then Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, over 21 hours of flight before I end up in good ole Oklahoma City! Where hopefully, all of my luggage will be waiting cheerfully on the carousel. =)
I am especially thrilled about Paris. I haven't been since I was sixteen (for my sweet sixteen birthday! it was unforgettable!), and I'm looking forward to having another French stamp in my passport. Bienvenue à Paris! Profitez de votre séjour! Merci...
Hopefully, jetlag won't be a big deal on the way there. I will gain eight hours in the air, flying backwards against time zones. So I will land only a few hours after I leave Europe, according to local time when I land, even though it's been a day. Kind of like taking a 9-hour nap and fitting it into three real-time hours. YEAH!! =) It is lame on the way back, though, losing eight hours. Oh, well.
So, one major step down! And several more to go. Mail in my reenrollment papers, secure a bus ticket to the capitol, celebrate a few holidays in between there. =)
I can't wait!!! The excitement of change in the air is so delicious! A little scary, but definitely good. I plan to keep everyone updated as the details roll in. Shouldn't let the travel hound loose... ;)

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